I personally have dealt with many vacation rental properties, but mostly as an employee or as an independent contractor. The quality of customer service and cleanliness and going above and beyond far exceeds any of the vacation rental companies I’ve work for or rented from. As a local operations manager that was previously in the industry, I could only strive to come close to what Durango Red Cliff Properties offered, after all I learned from the best. I worked for the largest in the industry, the attention to detail that incorporates warmth and friendliness just isn’t there. If one is looking for clean and a personal touch then Durango Red Cliff is the place to go. Thank you for what you do for the community and to the vacationers that choose to use Durango Red Cliff Properties.

Terri Weir

My husband, Dan, and I purchased a vacation home on the mountain at Alpenglow Townhomes, Purgatory Resort in 2011.  We interviewed several property managers before deciding that Red Cliff Properties would be a good fit for us.  We like their management style.  They are very hands on.  If a problem arises, they fix it asap.  For example, recently I was on a girls’ trip with 9 other ladies who were staying at our condo.  One morning I awoke, and the kitchen faucet had developed a leak.  I texted Gwen that morning around 7, and by 8 am the plumber texted me.  He arrived shortly after 10 and by noon the leaky kitchen faucet was fixed, Talk about speedy service!   We have been very pleased with the service they provide and for the way in which they care for our home away from home.  They treat our property as if it were their own.  It is always immaculate when we arrive, and they make a point to check in with us when we are “on property”,  sometimes with a text or call, but often times either Gwen or Kevin stop in to check on us personally.  They are very attentive to our needs. They make our visits carefree and enjoyable.  I recommend them highly if you are considering a property management company. 

Natalie Brown – Owner, Alpenglow

Durango Red Cliff Properties has managed my home for many years. They are reliable, ethical and top notch in every aspect.  Any issue was dealt with promptly and without much effort on my part.  I could not have had the peace of mind and enjoyment of my property without them on the job.  The staff and their team are courteous, competent and responsible and I cannot recommended them more highly.

Barbara Martin – Owner, Elk Point

My company has been working with Red Cliff Properties for almost 3 years now, and I have to say that I have worked with almost all of the vacation rental companies in Durango and there are none that compare to this company.  Being a part of Red Cliff is like being a part of a well-organized family.  As a team, we work together to exceed the expectations of what you would imagine when you think of renting a home in the Colorado mountains.  It’s not just about where you decide you’re going to stay – the home you’re going to stay in matters as well.  Red Cliff assures that all properties are beautifully decorated, from your throw pillows and the fold downs on beds, to the views, the kitchen full of everything you would need, and the cozy “home” feeling you get when experiencing a Red Cliff home.  They provide their guests with all the necessary amenities and furnishings to settle right in and the detail put into the home is visible the minute you walk in the door.  As a cleaner, I strive for perfection in my work and I love that Red Cliff sets their standards just as high.  Red Cliff Properties is so unique because the people behind the scenes truly have their clients best interests in mind.  Red Cliff is the only vacation rental company in Durango that I would recommend.  If you want to know that your home is being taken care of and that your best interests are in mind, there is no other company in Durango that will treat you better than Red Cliff.

Krista Barnes – Owner, Southwest Cleaning

Red Cliff Properties helped me find my passion in cleaning.  They took me in as a fresh “newbie” cleaner who had no experience.  They trained me and helped me to fully develop as a professional housekeeper.  Since starting with Red Cliff Properties almost 3 years ago, I have grown as a person and as a business.  I have had the opportunity to see how other rental companies operate and how other management teams work.  Speaking from experience, the main difference is that Red Cliff is more like a family rather than a cut and paste business where they are only concerned about numbers.  Gwen teaches each cleaner special techniques that single out every aspect of cleaning deep.  She teaches every cleaner to truly care about each home as if it were your own.  I will forever be grateful for the knowledge I have received and the people I have met through Red Cliff.

Casie Whitton – Owner, KC Cleaning

Outstanding property management team! They treat our mountain home like it’s their own … couldn’t be any better!

Dan Brown – Owner, Alpenglow 24

The “Flying S Cabin” is my first opportunity to own, operate and commission property management for a Vacation Rental Property. My past experiences with long term and vacation rental properties, property managers, and/or house sitters are simply not good. The problems ranged from unkempt tenants, unpaid bills, upset neighbors, and a slew of variant pet issues and property damages.  Not so with Durango Red Cliff Properties.  They understand that this is my second home. They understand that this property has personal sweat equity in it, and that I value it for both the short term gains and as a long term residence/investment.  In my briefest assessment, all of the Red Cliff personnel from the landscapers, to the painters, to the services, to the cleaners, and to the Red Cliff family (Gwen, Kevin, Jenna), treat my place as if it were their own.  I have never regretted selecting Red Cliff Properties to care for me and my valued cabin.

Darrell Murray – Owner, Flying S Cabin

My wife and I purchased Eagles Nest two years ago.  From inception, Gwen with her interior design talents, was the leading force in transforming a dated property into a very unique place.  Gwen and her crew at Red Cliff Property Management have been managing the cabin since it was purchased in 2015.  Our guests are very complimentary of the atmosphere and décor of Eagles Nest, all thanks to Gwen.  Both my wife and I are long time career real estate professionals, we understand property management well.  We are discerning as well as demanding at times. Without a doubt Gwen has been up to the task without fail. She is a consummate professional and handles the oversight of the property with efficiency, grace and finesse.  We have interviewed several management companies to handle the management of Eagles nest after is was purchased, Gwen Buscher and Red Cliff Property Management are a cut above.  Thank you Gwen & Kevin Buscher,  Jenna Byers. Special thanks to Micky Bell, without his workmanship, assistance and input Eagles Nest would have never been the same. 

David and Sharon Ash – Arlington, Texas

Our many thanks to the Buscher family business, Durango Red Cliff Properties, for looking after our Cascade Village condo for the past few years. We recently sold this condo in order to build a home in another state. However, we would like to highlight the many reasons we joined with Gwen and her family in the first place, and continued business with them. First, after examining other management companies we realized that Durango Red Cliff offered, by far, the most flexibility in permitting our own personal use of our condo. This was a crucial aspect in our decision to sign on since other companies expected us to know our vacation schedules (including weekend getaways) months in advance. Second, the professionalism rendered in scheduling guests, interacting with them during their stays, restocking the supplies, and refreshing the condo afterwards was of the highest order. Third, since we did not live in Colorado, maintenance issues were a concern, but Kevin made it much easier for us to handle these issues given his personal skills in this area. Fourth, although we were new to the idea of renting our condo out to guests, we were more than pleased with the fact that we had plenty of business to pay for our expenses including HOA fees. Gwen and family were able to keep our condo busy! So, all in all, we are very pleased with the service we received and we highly recommend their services to you. No regrets, just fond memories. Thank you again, Gwen, Kevin, Jenna and Jonathan (Byers) for the outstanding job.

Cheryl and George MacArthur – Albuquerque, NM

On behalf of myself and my partners in Black Bear Unit 102 please accept this letter of recommendation with the highest degree of satisfaction. As you know we interviewed several management companies when we decided to put our property on the rental market. We bought the home without the notion of ever renting it so we were very concerned that the management company would treat our home with the same love and care as we had done. In this regard we could not be happier. The attention to detail that Gwen and Kevin have given to our home has exceeded even my high standards and I am convinced that this quality of care it is reflected in the high number of rentals we have had this summer.

Another reason we selected Red Cliff was because you were a small management company that was interested in delivering quality to both the renters as well as the owners. I think that this shows in your responsiveness to rental inquiries as well as questions and comments that we have as owners. I also believe that your interior design skills offer a unique advantage in making sure that the house has a very “homey” and welcoming feel to it so that our customers have an enjoyable experience and will give us the greatest chance for “repeat” renters.

We have also been very pleased with Kevin’s knowledge of systems and property maintenance issues. Because of the relatively small number of properties that you manage Kevin is able to spend a sufficient amount of time on preventative maintenance issues. This was of particular concern to us during the colder months. Again, we could not be happier with the service that Red Cliff has provided.

Red Cliff has done a wonderful job in caring and renting our home and we look forward to a long relationship with you, Kevin, Jonathan and Jenna.

Dean Ramsay – Frederich, Maryland

May I take the opportunity to introduce you to Gwen and Kevin Buscher.  Gwen is an Interior Designer by trade and manages several second homes in the Durango area. She and Kevin have worked for me since July, 2008.

Gwen has a very hands-on-manner with all of the properties that she manages. She and her husband, Kevin, work very much as a team which has proven to be most helpful in the Rocky Mountain area of Durango where the weather dictates the activities of care taking for each home.

Gwen makes sure that her properties are “Q-tip clean”. Many of us desire this because not only do we use our second homes, but we rent them as vacation rentals as well. Having a spotless home is very important for the discriminating guest. She is very detail oriented. There have been several times when we would have paid the consequences if she had not thoroughly paid attention to situations that occurred in our absence.

Gwen is very proactive. She does not simply react to a request by her owners. She is asking the homeowner questions that are important the well being of her properties. Her proactive measures save many headaches for the property owner as well as financially beneficial, because things don’t break, leak, smell, run out of, stay out in the weather too long and a long list of other adjectives that just don’t happen because she has nipped any issue in the bud.

Gwen is a joy to work and interact with. I have never called her when it was not a good time for us to talk. She is very prompt and on time. If she says something will be done by a certain time she will move heaven and earth to get it done on time. She has a lot of energy and drive, in Texas we call that “fire in the belly”. It takes that for her to balance all that she has to do, and make things happen for her home owners.

Kevin is also part of the equation that balances out essential properties management. He is creative and has an attitude of great problem solving. His degree in building and trades has helped us on many occasions. He takes the technical side of things and can eliminate the need to call in the “big guns” by taking care of the problem when the situation is called for.

If you are lucky to have a second home in the Durango area – you should count yourself blessed because it is God’s country. You would be well served to have Gwen and Kevin as your property managers and if you need an interior decorator, well then, you’ve got it all rolled into one.

If you would like to discuss Gwen and Kevin in more detail, I would love to talk with you. Gwen can give you my direct line.

Sue Holland – Owner, The Needle Mountain Chalet

I have known and/or worked with Gwen Buscher since 1993 and am delighted to offer this letter of reference. I first met Gwen via her design business, Classic Interiors, in 1993 and have referred multiple clients to her for those services. I am proud to say she also assisted in our personal homes’ decorating and design needs and we have been extremely pleased with her work in that capacity.

A few years ago, I expanded my company, Durango Purgatory Rentals and Caretaking, LLC and subcontracted with Gwen’s young property management, Durango Red Cliff Property Management, to take care of the day to day operations of 3 contracts of mine. Due to Gwen’s excellent work these 3 contracts grew to seven for her company. Some of these required her to take the units from post construction phase (including design and set up) to day to day rental operations. Additionally, some of these contracts came on line in record time due to Gwen’s commitment (including many midnight work sessions) so the owner could capture the peak rental seasons’ income. This was no small task. In early 2010, I transferred complete operations (including marketing and accounting) of these seven contract to Durango Red Cliff Property Management when my company downsized.

Since that time Durango Red Cliff Property Management has grown further and expanded their business to include care-taking as well as property management. Their properties represent near million homes to budget condos. The level of service Gwen and her team gives to the guests has exceeded my expectations. I find that she approaches each contract, no matter the income level, with same high standards of professionalism. I have received multiple comments from guests about her service whether it meant responding to a major plumbing crises in the middle of night or a request for the best jeeping trails! Since Gwen has lived and worked in Durango for years (and taught skiing in the adaptive sports program) not only does she know Durango well but knows the Purgatory (Durango Mountain Resort) area even better.

In addition to her management skills, Gwen’s design acumen has assisted our clients in furnishing their units in the most cost effective manner possible to ensure greater profits if that was the client’s desire. Additionally, her company offers the repair and maintenance services of her husband, Kevin Buscher. Kevin is an experienced all around maintenance person as well as a fine furniture carpenter. This combination of skills and services (design, vacation rental management and maintenance ) has worked extremely well in providing her clients and guests with timely, honest and quality work.

I have found the integrity and professionalism of Gwen and her team beyond reproach and I am honored to be able to refer her to any client.

Kimberly Mackey – Durango Purgatory Rentals and Caretaking, LLC

I am writing to recommend Kevin & Gwen Buscher for property management services. We have owned our home in The Ranch subdivision of Durango, Co, since 2007, and Kevin & Gwen have managed our property since we finished our renovation in 2008. We have been very pleased with all of their services and think that anyone who engages them to look after their property will be more than satisfied. They are very reliable, conscientious, and professional, and we could not feel more comfortable with the quality of care that they take in overseeing our property. I have the utmost respect for Kevin & Gwen, and we are able to have complete peace of mind, living in Houston & knowing that our home in Durango is cared for as if we were there ourselves. I trust them completely and will continue their services, and recommend anyone considering them to give them a try. I am confident that you will not be disappointed. A bonus is that Kevin & Gwen are not just in this for the business. They have become dear friends, and it is obvious that they operate with “old school” traditional values.

W. Taylor May – Houston, Texas

Gwen and Kevin Buscher and Jonathan and Jenna Byers (sales) are managing our vacation rental house, “Le Refuge”. I believe that they are doing an excellent job maintaining the standard of the property and caring for the guests. The house is always clean and we have not had any complaints or negative feedback from guests.

Virginia Connor – Durango, Colorado